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Shandong Lichen Group Co., Ltd. is located in Lingang Economic Development Zone of Linyi City,China. It is a large-scale modernized enterprise group which engages in log trade, Wood products and sales, and design, manufacture wood construction . After more than twenty years’ efforts and experiences, Lichen Group has accumulated a sufficient and stable supply of timber resources in many countries and regions including north and South America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. The product covers timber, rotary ,hard and soft logs, redwood products and importing dry lumber, and the total amount of the annual import capacity more than one million cubic meters.
In order to enlarge and strengthen the wood industry, make a complete cycle chain of the wood products and trade, and promote company product structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, Lichen Group invest 630 million RMB for the project of Lichen Lingang Wood Processing Industrial Park in Lingang Economic Development Zone, with seven items: decorative material, pine finger joint board , wooden door, dry lumber, redwood furniture, wood construction, and log yard. The project has become the Key Project of Shandong Province in 2011, and the amount of products in this project is over 2.5 million cubic meters every year, which make Lichen Group the leader of domestic wood market and the largest log importing and exporting company in Eastern China.
Lichen group has won many honors , such as China Top 10 Wood Importing Company, Shandong Well-Known Brand and so on. It also passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the CARB certification, the FSC certification, and the CE certification etc.

地址: 山東省臨沂市臨港產業區       郵編:276023       總機: +86-0539-7887887       傳真: +86-0539-7661881

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